Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Solvang 2012 Food

2012 July 17
VROC Rally Food Pics

Mike K from Calgary, Alberta and I are heading down to the Ableskiver VROC (Vulcan Riders and Owners Club) Rally at Solvang, CA.  We leave for Solvang on July 18, 2012.  So the first day of this Blog is from Stockton and the Mother Lode region.

Today was Mexican Day for food.

Breakfast at Mi Ranchito in Stockton.
Mike K at breakfast.  Chorizo and eggs.

Breakfast pic 2

Breakfast pic 3

We had visited Columbia State Historical Park and had a late lunch on the way home.

Lunch at Mexico Lindo in Copperopolis
Mike's enchiladas, one beef and one chicken.

Enjoying his meal.

Still eating.
Dinner - Two Kandi's Pies.  And maybe some Jelly Bellys.

End of Tuesday July 17, 2012

Wednesday July 18
Gallery Cafe at The Lodge at Pebble Beach, CA

Off to the Rally.  But we are going down Hwy 1 and since Mike had never seen the Monterey area I decide on a short side trip to visit my friends in Pebble Beach.

Lunch at Pebble Beach courtesy of Momi.  Skid and Sandy - Momi said Hi.
My French onion soup

Momi has a half order of rotisserie chicken with French fries and onion rings.

Mike's Philly burger

Just behind Momi and a bit to the left of her is the first tee of the famed Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Mike with the putting green behind him.

And a beautiful day riding down Hwy 1 in Mike's Mustang convertible.  Top down all the way.

Dinner at the Ballard Inn about 5 miles from Solvang
Ballard, CA

Red Roast Kurobuta Pork Belly with Napa Cabbage Fondue

Pan Seared Duck Breast with Sweet Potato Purée & Balsamic Reduction

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Fried Plantains, Chimichurri, & Coconut-lemongrass Nage

Mike eating

VSP eating

Dessert menu

End of July 18

Thursday, July 19
Solvang, CA 

The Solvang Inn and Cottages is owned by the same lady that owns Olsen's Danish Bakery.  So included in our motel bill is a complimentary Continental Breakfast just across the street at the Bakery.

Mike at Olsen's Bakery - Danish and coffee

Mike has a second Danish

VSP's second Danish

Early Dinner at the Red Viking at 3:30 PM
Dinner at the Red Viking Restaurant.  Most had the Smorgasbord.

MacGuy  and Francis

Lanny has the Swedish meatball and Danish sausage combination plate instead of the Smorgasbord.

VSP's second helping.

MacGuy has dessert - a Cashew Turtle.

Later we had Cat's Birthday Party at the Kaw Pasture.
Nite Lite at Cat's B-Day Party - Pizza and drinks.

Kasey and Cranky at the party.

Phil, MacGuy and Francis  at the party.

Cat's Birthday cake courtesy of the Sublows - Howard and Linda.

Lanny eating a piece of the birthday cake.

End of Thursday July 19

Friday July 20
Solvang, CA

Waitress serving our Danish and coffee

Sherm taking a photo of his breakfast.

Lanny waiting to eat

Phil has his Danish

Lunch at Jalama Beach, CA
The world famous Jalama Burger

Lanny scarfing up his Jalama Burger

VSP taking a big bite of his Jalama Burger

Kasey attacking his Jalama Burger.

Dinner at AJ Spurs in Buellton
Kasey is trying to get his dinner served first

Jim and Slot's dinner

One of many trays of food

Down the table as the food is served

Rouge has his little 26 ounce T-Bone

The two birthday girls - Linda and Cat.

End of Friday, July 20

Saturday July 21 
Ojai Valley Resort and Spa - Ojai, CA
My quinoa, barley, pearl couscous, cranberry, macadamia nut, and cucumber raita salad with grilled naan bread.

Mike's grilled chicken wrap with argula, shaved fennel, parmesan, lemon and roasted garlic aioli.
Served with fresh fruit.

We ate outdoors at the Oak Grill

Another angle

Looking over the golf course

Dinner at the Red Viking in Solvang
And for Dinner we had the obligatory Æbleskiver
We actually had sandwiches from the New Frontiers Natural Marketplace for dinner.  So today was  a one day break from all the big meals.

The company had its humble beginnings in 1987 with the purchase of two small natural foods stores in Salt Lake City. Our desire was to provide high-quality nutritional foods in a setting that would appeal to a wide range of customers.
In 1988 New Frontiers expanded to Arizona with the purchase of a small store in Flagstaff.
And here are the current store locations: (These are hot links to each stores web site)
Or contact our Home Office
1984 Old Mission Dr., Suite A7
Corner of Alamo Pintado & Mission Dr.
Solvang, California 93463 

End of July 21

Sunday July 22  - the last day of this blog.
Breakfast at Olsen's
My pastry with marzipan, custard and raisins.

Phil has a cinnamon roll with topped with sugar glaze.

Mike has a cinnamon roll topped with cream cheese.

Looking out

Looking in.

Wool Growers in Los Banos, CA

Mike's first time at the Wool Growers

It is after 2:30 PM so not a busy time.

The soup and beans

The salad

Chicken and rice on Sundays instead of the lamb stew.

Mike has the pork chops.

The ketchup is just for the French fries.

And last the ice cream cup for dessert.

End of Sunday July 22, 2012

~end of this Blog


  1. Mike!!! You will be much more of a man by time Ya get back home!!!! MUCH MORE!!! GBG!!!!!

  2. Where's the dinner picture?? Looks good, Don. I think Mike is going to like this trip!

  3. Wow, such great meals!!! Making me hungry!! Thanks for sharing your meals.

  4. This is like the Gourmet Rally! Makes me hungry too!

    1. Tomorrow is a trip to Jalama Beach to have a Jalama Burger: